August 9, 2005 

TO: Texas Parole Board of Pardon and Reviews RE: Parole Review Offender: Ricky Carter State ID: 06227942 TDCJ ID:01009150 Placed in parole review on 07/05/05 

Before you go any further, I would like for you to imagine that it were your son or daughter who had been a victim of Ricky Carter. Hopefully that alone will keep you from allowing the early release of this killer. He was given a 20 year sentence (very generous), and he should very well serve the entire thing. 

Those beautiful, young ladies had no right to be victimized like they were. They were our future (notice the use of the past tense verb). I am not writing to bash you all because I know you feel like you are doing your job, but if Ricky Carter is allowed to go free, he will drive drunk again. And next time it may be your child. 

I am respectfully asking that you not parole him. He didn't give those young ladies a chance so why should he be given one? 

Thank you, 

Beverly M. Green 
DeSoto, Texas