I just wanted to express my outrage that number one, this man only got 20 years for four girls lives but also that there is even a remote chance that he can get out 5 years later. This is a disgrace this man should not be allowed to have a life he evidently did not care that he got in a vehicle after drinking the way he did that he valued anyone's life including his own. The pain he feels everyday should be 4 times what he thinks the worse should ever be. How can he even think about living when he destroyed so many lives in as many minutes as it took for him to veer off the road and strike this vehicle. I plead with the parole board not to let this man out of jail and be allowed to take a chance that he will drink and drive again. God forbid he does it again and kills someone else. This man does not deserve to get out of jail he is not a victim he made choices that night and he should never be allowed to choose again.
Thank You