Attention:  Angela McCoun

Director of Victim Services Division

September 17, 2009


To:  Texas Parole Board of Pardons & Reviews     Offender:  Ricky Carter

Re:  Parole Review                                                      StateID:  06227942

                                                                                       TDCJID:  01009150

                                                                                       Placed in Parole Review on 7/07/09

Ricky Carter must remain in jail where he belongs for the life he has left to live.  Since he received a fair trial, the jury has spoken.  The jury just didnít give him enough years in order for these paroles to be reviewed.  These parole reviews should really not happen for at least 20 years, the years in which he was sentenced for the lives he stole!  These families of the victims must go thru and endure these horrendous memories of that horrible evening, that night in which they lost their daughters, Staci, Lacey, and Mandi, and the grand children they would never have.

It doesnít matter how good or on good behavior Ricky Carter has had in prison, for he must stay there, that is his new and permanent home and no one will miss him in the community.  He has nothing to offer, to even himself.

He does not deserve a second chance in life, he had too many before that night.    Not only did he take these 3 precious children, he also unraveled the marriage of three of the victims parents.  Not only is that wrong, itís too much grief for families to bear.


KEEP RICKY CARTER IN JAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  



Bonnie Caldwell

Bedford, TX 




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