TO: Texas Parole Board of Pardon and Reviews
RE: Parole Review
Offender: Ricky Carter
State ID: 06227942
TDCJ ID:01009150

Dear Angela McCown, Director of Victim Services Division,

I am a father of a 15 month old daughter, and am writing this letter on her behalf. Mr. Carter made an unfortunate and life changing
decision to consume alcohol, then drive a motor vehicle. He made a conscious decision to purchase the alcohol at the store, open that
first container, drink until he was altered, then drive his vehicle.

Those four girls were just driving their car as it was designed, and Mr. Carter took their lives. Their parents will never be the same. Two
parents are deceased, and all but one set of parents have divorced. Their lives have been forever impacted that Mr. Carters fateful

He needs to serve every minute of his sentence, and remember what he has done. I work as an emergency room nurse, and deal with the
aftermath of bad decision making, and see the impact on the victims family on a daily basis. I hope that this man awakes every morning and
reflects on his past.

The argument can be made that he has served some of his time, and he has made a commitment to change, and that he will never repeat the
same mistake. But the fact is that four sets of parents will not see their baby girls graduate from college, get married, have children and
progress with their lives.

All the time that the girls parents spent with them as infants, getting up when they were sick, helping with science projects, helping them prepare of
life.....was stolen by one mans decision to drink and drive.

I hope that this individual serves every last second of his time, and upon release from prison is never heard from again.

Thank you for reading this letter,

Forrest Summers RN, BSN