August 31, 2009


TO:  Texas Parole Board of Pardons and Reviews

RE: Parole Review

Offender:  Rick Carter

State ID:  06227942

TDCJ ID:  01009150

Placed in parole review on 07/07/09 


Dear Angela McCown, Director of Victim Services Division:

My husband I are writing to contest the release of Ricky Carter.  Because of his reckless behavior, four beautiful teenagers were killed in a drunk driving accident just five days before Christmas in 1998.  Four families have been devastated by the loss of these sweet, innocent girls that were merely out to rent a movie, when he chose to get into his vehicle and drive drunk.  Ricky Carter deserves to remain behind bars and pay for the consequences of his actions.  These four girls paid with their lives.



Grady and Jennifer Spears
Fort Worth, Texas 




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