When is our society going to quit plea bargaining and playing games in court? When a man, woman and or child commits an offense against the law of the land there is a standard amount of time to be served. Why does the court system have to make it so difficult? I am not in the legal profession but even I know that  the law provides for a standard length of time  given for each offense.  Outside of this, once a sentence is given, then I feel it is a waste of tax payers money to give them appeal after appeal. After being found guilty by the court of law the CRIMINALS should have NO RIGHTS IN MY opinion. Where are the VICTIMS RIGHTS. BURIED. This is where I think their rights belong too. If the sentence is 20 years then we should all accept that and be done. I know the VICTIMS  LOVED ONES will never be able to just GO ON but as for the court and the decision, length of stay, “ IT IS WHAT IT IS.” I must add, we have all heard of innocent individuals being found guilty, but life is just no fair either. I have been ticketed for speeding when I was going with the flow of traffic. When I mentioned this, the officer asked me, “how many times have you gone fishing and caught every fish in the pond?”

How can we expect our youth to understand that there are consequences to each and every behavior/choice we make if society allows for such leniency? As a parent, I was always taught that the best parents were those that taught socially acceptable behaviors, structure, guidance, expectations,  good role modeling and always be consistent.  Tough Love as they call it.

In my final plea for justice in this case, I want to know when MURDERERS are going to be FORCED TO REGISTER JUST AS SEX OFFENDERS?  What worse VIOLATION is there than death? Yes, I want to know if there is a murderer living next to me just as much as I want to know of a sex offender.  Personally, I prefer to live next to the sex offender.

Ricky Carter may be remorseful for his act, but come on, EIGHT YEARS FOR FOUR TEENAGERS?  Just for the record, I have worked in the substance abuse field for 24 years and the recidivism rate is EXTREMELY HIGH.  As they say in Alcoholics Anonymous ,” Relapse is part of recovery.”  Which one of you on the panel want your child, grandchild or loved one on the road with him NEXT TIME, because you know there will be one?


Janine Lenger-Gvist





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