Dear Sir,
When Ricky Carter got behind the wheel he made a decision that changed families forever.
This man has done more damage to these families than he will every be able to make up for. To allow this man to be on the streets again after serving less time and to be able to harm others is unthinkable. He has hurt so many people in so many ways.
These mothers and families will never get to see these children grow up and have families of their own.
The mothers of these kids will never get to enjoy and love grandchildren because of what Ricky Carter did. The loss of a child is not just the loss of that child but the loss of future generations for these families.
I ask that the parole board would help to ensure that no other families would have to suffer like these families have suffered and will continue to suffer with the loss of a child. 
Thank you,
Jean Pilling
916 Sunset Acres CT.
Granbury, TX 76048



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