Dear Parole Board,
I am writing to express my concern over Ricky Carter getting out of jail. See, I was in 8th grade when the girls died. I looked up to them very much. It was my first year of cheerleading and they were on the varsity cheerleading team. That December we had a huge community pep rally and my sister and I got to preform with the girls that night. I remember I was so happy because I looked up to them and we did everything perfect that night. I also remember the night they died.
 I woke up that morning and my mom came into my room with the news paper and said "I am so sorry to tell you this, but Stacy Lee and Whitney Welch have died in a car wreck. Mandi and Lacey were with them." I could not believe what I just heard. I just laid in my bed and cried for two hours. I got up and went to church to try to find out what I could about the wreck and pray. My friend Emily Walker and I with my sister sat in our church sanctuary and cried and prayed. We prayed for the families and the girls. We soon found out a couple of days later about Mandi and then Lacey.
It is very hard for a young girl to lose four of the people she looks up to in a matter of days over AN IGNORANT decision to DRINK AND DRIVE. I was only in 8th grade. After that, the ones of us on the jr. high squad cheered with the ones left on the varsity squad. It was not the same. It hurt every game, every day, because we knew we could not be anything like they were. And to not see them on the court, or Whitney cheering with us was very painful.
To lose people that you love is very hard, especially when it is four people close to you, in a matter of days, during what is suposed to be the happiest time of the year. I remember the funerals very well, all of them. I still to this day go to the graveyard and spend time at their graves, bring them ceramic angels, and visit. I know that any of those girls could have been my sister, my cousin, or my best friend.
So I beg of you to please keep this man in jail. People kill one person and get life, he took four wonderful, beautiful, intelligent girls away from us in a matter of seconds, over a stupid, ignorant, meaningless decision. And he only got 20 years at most? That is ridiculous!!!
I am 24 years old, and I still have not, and will not forget what happened that December night in 1998. What happend that night has effected what I do, and what I see others do every day.
Please do this community and the families of these girls justice and KEEP RICKY CARTER IN JAIL!!!!!!
Thank you,
Joanna Brabson
Brock, Texas



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