August 8, 2005

TO: Texas Parole Board of Pardon and Reviews       
RE: Parole Review Offender: Ricky Carter
State ID: 06227942
TDCJ ID:01009150
Placed in parole review on 07/05/05

This is no way to deter drunks from driving!  I am outraged at the possibility of Ricky Carter being paroled after serving less than 5 years of a 20 year sentence in the MURDER of 4 innocent teens.  Yes, I said Murder!  Not to mention the numerous lives forever changed by his careless actions.  This was no accident, it was an outrage.  We all make choices every day and Ricky Carter made a bad choice.  He chose to drink and drive.  We are also to be held responsible for the choices we make.  Ricky Carter needs to accept responsibility for the bad choice he made that fateful night.  I, personally, am sick and tired of the innocent paying for the actions of the guilty!  Especially those who pay with their lives. It's just wrong!
Allowing drunk drivers, especially those who take the lives of others, to walk away with not much more than a ďtime outĒ is unacceptable. Those young women canít walk away.  Their families, friends and loved ones canít walk away.  If you want to get the attention of those who drink and drive then show them they will not get a slap on the hand an a free pass to continue making bad choices.  Ricky Carter and all of those like him should be punished and remain locked up if for no other reason than to have some serious time to think about what they have done, who they have affected and the voids left in the lives of the survivors. 
I did not personally know the victims or families but if I am as angry as I am about Ricky Carterís possible release, I can only begin to imagine the hurt, anguish, grief and even anger of the families and friends of those four beautiful young women so savagely taken from this world that night.  I hope I never have to experience what these families have been through.  May God bless them and strengthen them. 
Now as representatives of the law abiding people of the great state of Texas, do your job and deny Ricky Carter parole.  He did the crime, now he must do the time.  The day you come up with a way to let these four young women return to their families and let life go on for them is the only day you should even begin to consider allowing Ricky Carter to return to his life and carry on. 
Thank you for your time and consideration.  Now listen to the people.  No parole for Ricky Carter Drunk Driver!

Josie Richardson