TO: Texas Parole Board of Pardon and Reviews




RE: Parole Review




Offender: Ricky Carter




State ID: 06227942




TDCJ ID:01009150




Placed in parole review on 07/07/09






I request to keep Ricky Carter in prison for the entire 20 years he so rightly deserves.  I read on what a great guy Ricky Carter was but, that in no way excuses his decision to drive that night that took away from this world the cream of our society.  Four beautiful, promising, and inspiring young women were taken not only from their families but from the world.  A world that could have used the potential of what they could have offered to our society.  There is no telling what these young women could have become but, in a split second of inebriated stupidity Ricky Carter eliminated 4 beacons of light.  Please read…please hear…please realize…Ricky Carter needs to experience the full term of his punishment.  I say punishment but, has he really been punished as he still has his life.  Ricky Carter not only murdered 4 young women, he managed to devastate families and create divisions within a community.  So I ask…is serving 8 years of a 20 year term enough?  In my opinion and many, many others opinions that answer is a definite NO!  Let Ricky Carter serve as an example that the laws must change.  Let Ricky Carter provide an example to these individuals who make the decision to drink and drive and who create such devastation that when you’re handed a sentence in the State of Texas, they will know that the sentence must be served to the full extent.  



Monty B. Montemayor

Carrollton, Texas




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