ATTENTION: Raven Kazen

To: Texas Parole Board of Pardon and Review.
Re: Parole Review
Offender : Ricky Carter
State ID : 06227942
TDCJ ID:  01009150
Placed in parole review on 7/5/05

Please do not parole Ricky Carter! These families have suffered enough without the state of Texas deciding their child's life was only worth 15 months each of this man's time. He should have had to serve the four sentences, one right after the other. He should have never been granted a plea bargain. At least make him serve all of this very light sentence for four lives. Our children are in enough danger driving down the road without people getting behind the wheel drunk. Please do not make these families suffer this man's early release. I will protest his parole until he has served all 20 years, because that is not enough.

Pam Davis
Springtown, Texas