August 19, 2009


To: Texas Parole Board of Pardons and Reviews

RE: Parole Review

Offender: Ricky Carter

State ID: 06227942

TDCJ ID: 01009150

Placed in parole review on 07/07/09


Dear Angela McCown, Director of Victim Services Division,
I grew up with David Lee, the father of Staci Nicole Lee whose life was ripped away 12/19/1998, by a drunk driver.  That drunk driver, Ricky Carter was only sentenced to 20 years, 5 years for each young life he ripped from this earth.  I cannot believe, four young lives are only worth 20 years.  Now Mr. Carter has severed 8 years and is up for parole, 2 years for each girl, whose lives he took from their families.  It pains me to think that our justice system would let something like this happen.  It is not just for Staci and the other three young women who I am pleading for, I am pleading for every person who might be caught on the road with this man if in fact he is released from custody.

I also plead for my own family.  My paternal grandmother was also killed by a drunk driver before I was born.  A 19 year old woman mowed my grandmother down and left her to die on a two lane highway.  This young woman only received a slap on the wrist.  Her license was revoked for one year.  ONE YEAR!!  My MeeMaw, whom I never got the chance to meet, much less kiss or hug.  The woman whom, I am proud to live on for, for I am her namesake.

I plead for my childhood girlfriend Michelle Holly, whose life was ripped from her husband and two girls, as well has her sisters and mother, by a 19 year old woman, who ONLY received two years probation.  Michelle never got to see her girls grow into young women, nor witness them graduate from high school, get married and have her grandchildren.

I plead for all the families who have lost family members to the drunk drivers.

These offenders need to be stopped.  Mr. Carter should spend all 20 years of his sentence behind bars.  It is more than the families for the four young girls who died that cold night in December received.  At least he still has his life.  He needs to learn from his mistakes, as do others.  If he gets out, what does that say about the other offenders?  What does that teach others about the lessons of drinking and driving?

Please take into consideration all the letters you have received in behalf of the young women who lost their life at his hand.




In Memory of the Four Eagle Angels of Brock,





René Roberts-Gunter

Arlington, Texas