September 27, 2012                                                       Via Fax 512.452.0825

Angela McCown, Director

Victim Services Division

8712 Shoal Creek Blvd., Suite 265

Austin, Texas 78757-6899


Re:      Texas Parole Board of Pardon & Reviews

            Offender Ricky Carter

            State ID 06227942

            TDCJ ID 01009150

            Placed in Parole Review on 6/5/2012       


Please do not release Ricky Carter. He has not (and never will) serve the amount of time to excuse him of his careless actions of killing four innocent teenage girls.  We must show our community that drinking and driving is a crime.  Furthermore this was not his first offense shameful to say the least.


Thank you,


Robyn Jackson

Weatherford, TX