Attention:  Angela McCown  , Director of Victim Services Division

TO: Texas Parole Board of Pardon and Reviews      

RE: Parole Review      

Offender: Ricky Carter      

State ID: 06227942      

TDCJ ID:01009150      

Placed in parole review on 06/05/2012


To whom it may concern,


As a full-time firefighter/EMT for the last ten years it has been difficult to witness the death and devastation caused by the scourge of drunk drivers in our country.  After countless deaths and injuries, and the media coverage following, there is no way anyone can claim ignorance of the consequences of this supremely irresponsible act. 

Drunk driving is a choice. Itís the choice  Ricky Carter made on December 22nd 1998, and that thoughtless act ended the promising futures and lives of Mandi McWhorter, Whitney Welch, Staci Lee, and Lacey Osina.  The families of these young Ladies will never know peace, they will never see them grow into adulthood, and never see them start their own families. 

Itís a crime in itself that this man ONLY has a twenty year sentence.  Please make him serve every single day for this horrible crime.  I hope I never have to cut another person from a car because of a drunk driver.  Itís not a realistic hope because of people like Ricky Carter, please deny parole for this man.




Firefighter 2/ EMT-I

Marietta Fire Department

Marietta, Ga. 30060