August 26, 2009

To: Texas Parole Board of Pardons and Reviews

RE: Parole Review

Offender: Ricky Carter

State ID: 06227942

TDCJ ID: 01009150

Placed in parole review on 07/07/09

Dear Angela McCown, Director of Victim Services Division

I request that you deny parole for Ricky Carter. I expect and believe that all involved deserve justice in seeing Ricky Carter live out his 20 year sentence. The 20 Year sentence is not near enough of what he should have gotten for killing 4 beautiful and talented young girls. On behalf of my dear Cousin Lacey Elizabeth Osina, I plead with you not to let this man out into society. He no longer deserves the rights and the life that he took away from Lacey and the others. He no longer deserves to live free in life among law abiding citizens. I plead with you that not only do you have a heart in this matter to see the families of the 4 precious victims see justice but, you do not put this man back out into society where my children are now driving! He does not deserve to ever be able to roam free on the streets ever again. He does not deserve to ever be able to make the choice again to get into a car after drinking. He deserves NO RIGHTS.

Ricky Carterís selfish disregard for the safety and lives of others has lead to unrepairable devastation. Justice needs to be served with Ricky Carter living his 20 year sentence out till the very last day of the 20 years! We the families of the 4 beautiful young, talented girls, Lacey, Staci, Mandi and Whitney will live his choice out for the rest of our lives!



Stephanie Brooks

Pasadena, Texas




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