TO: Texas Parole Board of Pardon and Reviews      

RE: Parole Review      

Offender: Ricky Carter      

State ID: 06227942      

TDCJ ID: 01009150      

Placed in parole review on 07/07/09


Dear Parole Board,

I strongly protest the release of Ricky Carter who murdered four young girls in the prime of their lives through a senseless choice that he made driving drunk.

Our families are never the same again afterwards. His life goes on but we are left in shambles.

Eight years is a very short time for the murder of four people. Surely our system of justice will think about the choice that was made by him and the terrible consequences that the four girls and their families and friends are now living with. We need to send a message to the public that we will not put up with drunk driving any long. Please do not parole this man.


Gaylen and Joyce Wisdom

Parents of Brent Wisdom who was murdered by a drunk driver in 1992.



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