August 22, 2005

Raven Kazen, Director
Victim Services Division
8712 Shoal Creek Blvd Ste 265
PO Box 13401
Austin, Texas 78711-3401

TO: Texas Parole Board of Pardon and Reviews
RE: Parole Review
Offender: Ricky Carter
State ID: 06227942
TDCJ ID:01009150
Placed in parole review on 07/05/05


Dear Parole Board Members:

I would like to ask that you deny the parole for Ricky Carter. This man is truly a menace to society if he is turned loose into it again. As many others do, I believe the 20-year sentence he received was extremely light considering he took four young lives before they even had a chance to get started, and also impacted the lives of countless others. It was not just the victim that was affected, not just the victim’s immediate family that was affected, but so very many more were impacted by his actions.

To drink and drive, especially in this day and age when it is preached against at every turn, is a very ignorant thing to do, and also a very destructive thing. For his own enjoyment, I assume, he drank to the point of being inebriated and chose to drive while he was in that state. As a result, four girls were killed. He is no less a murderer than if he had shot each of one of the girls in the head. He deserves to spend not one minute less than the 20 years he was sentenced to in the punishment phase of his trial.

His crime is something that cannot be forgiven by us mere mortals. Even if he has sterling reviews such as “model prisoner” and “good behavior,” they do nothing to lessen his guilt and the required consequences set down by the society in which he had the privilege to live. He chose this course for his life. Nothing he does at this point can undo the damage he single-handedly caused.

Please keep society safe for as long as possible and deny his parole each and every time the issue comes up until he has served his full 20-year sentence. I implore you on the behalf of countless others, KEEP RICKY CARTER IN PRISON FOR HIS FULL 20 YEARS!



Amanda Dearing

Aledo, TX 76008-1390