Hello my name is Carla Reynolds and We need to stop Ricky Carter from getting out of jail! Y'all are always talking about the offender, WHAT about the Victim? If this guy gets out, will he do it again? I'm NOT willing to take that chance with my child's life, are YOU? I can say anything I want because I'm am a victim of drunk driving! When I was 13 (now 30) a drunk driver hit me and 4 other girls and then he got out of his truck, without a spot on him and walked over to the store and bought more beer and told the clerk "I should have killed the Bitches"! He never spent one night in jail, he went to jail but someone came and got him out. I am left with a scar on my face for the rest of my life and my best friend is the same way! The other girl that was in the car, she can never walk again. So that is a little bit of why he should stay in jail for the rest of his LIFE! On January of 2004, my dad was hit and killed by a drunk driver! He was never remarried after my mother and I was an only child, my LIFE has been Hell sense that day! The guy that hit my dad did not go to jail either! Where is the JUSTICE in that? I think this guy should rot in Hell for what he did to those families!
Thank you for protecting my Family!


Carla Reynolds
Sanger Texas