Why should this man be paroled? He made the choice to commit the crime of drinking to the point of not knowing where he was He made the deliberate decision to break the law and get behind the wheel of his truck and drive when he was so intoxicated  that he thought he was in a different city. He deliberately killed four young girls with their whole lives in front of them when he ran over their car with his truck.
The families of these girls grieve to this day. I have the distinct honor of having Mark and Liz Osina as my very good friends and I know how this has effected their family. Mark will never be able to take another coaching job some where else, no mater how much it may pay. They will never leave Lacy, who's grave is in Brock along with two of the other girls killed that horrible day. This man should serve his time even though it will not bring these girls back or relieve the grief the families of these young ladies. Perhaps it will send a message to others considering getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Letting him out will send the wrong message. Keeping him in jail will send the right message of if you do you will spend 20 full years in prison. NO if's ands or but's about it.
Carrol Hamilton