It is my understanding that the Parole Board will be reviewing the case of Ricky Carter, State ID # 06227942; TDCJ ID # 01009150 in the near future.

I am respectfully requesting that the Board deny parole to this young man at this time. Mr. Carter's conviction was for intoxication manslaughter of four teenage girls killed in late December, 1998. As the mother of three young adults, my heart goes out to not only the parents of these victims, but also to Mr. Carter's family. However, as both a parent and an individual in today's society, I believe we have a tremendous responsibility to change the message that teens/young adults perceive that "drinking is cool." Drinking, and then driving is not "cool"--we all know statistically that it is deadly. I believe strongly that one opportunity to change this message is to have fitting punishment in place for those individuals who commit intoxication manslaughter. In the case of Mr. Carter, a jury sentenced him to 20 years. I think that to lessen that sentence to less than five years would send the message that "if you drink, drive, and kill, in a few short years you can be out again to start all over." I don't believe that is a strong enough deterrent. On Friday 8/5/05, four teen-age boys died as the result of a head-on collision with a drunk driver going the wrong way on a Fort Worth freeway. I wonder how many other such incidents occurred nationally the same weekend? You are in the position to send a message in at least the case of Ricky Carter--and perhaps that message, coupled with continued adherence to fitting punishments for such crimes, will make all of us a little less scared for our children, and society as a whole.

Thank you for your consideration,

Cheryl Livengood