Honorable Raven Kazen

RE: Parole Review

Offender: Ricky Carter

State ID: 062279422

TDJC ID: 01009150

Placed in parole review 7/05/2005


Last night while watching WFAA’s Nightly News with John McCaa and Jim Douglas, I became aware of the upcoming Parole Haring for Ricky Carter. You must know Mr. Carter; he is the convicted felon for 4 counts of murder, inflicted on four wonderful young women in the prime of their lives. Murdered by his lack of respect for the law, for other persons, even lack of respect for himself. Imagine a blood alcohol level of 0.16 gained after a day of self indulgence and bacchanalian behavior. Smashing into the victims’ with such velocity and force that two of these young girls died instantly and later the remaining two at the hospital without ever regaining consciousness! Thank God Lacey and her parents had the love and kindness to give her healthy heart to another family. A gift that has saved the life of a father for his wife and two children. A gift to remind you and your colleagues of your duty and obligation to your constituents.

Imagine the ingénue hoping to become a member of the Supreme Court; Imagine the honor students looking forward to beginning college; Imagine those wonderful young people who were striving to make this world a better place by their own prayers and sacrifices for people like Mr. Carter. Now imagine Mr. Carter back on the road again. Even Willie Nelson knew and sung about the evils and perils of being “Back on the Road Again”. Surely you know and understand how dangerous it will be for all of us should Mr. Carter get out of jail and get back on the road again. If, the appallingly minimal punishment with which Mr. Carter is hoping to walk out of jail, one year for each life that he ripped from the cradle of life doesn’t incense you; then maybe your own sense of self preservation will move you to insure the collective safety of yourself and all of your constituents. DENY RICKY CARTER PAROLE!

The fact that he took a plea bargain to curry favor with the prosecutor should not cloud your good judgment and responsibility to protect us Citizens of Dallas/Fort Worth, and of Texas. Let your legacy to Texas be one of fairness and justice. Recognize the horrific Plea Bargain for the sham it was. Have Mr. Carter pay the full price meted out by the Court under his conviction on four counts of murder. Please deny any and all efforts for Mr. Carter to obtain release from prison for any other reason then full and complete satisfaction of his sentence. That is the least you can do for Mandi McWhorter, Whitney Welch, Staci Lee and Lacey Osina, if not for yourself.

Thank you for your consideration.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher F. McGratty

Dallas, TX.