Oh my goodness! How could it be possible that this man would be released!!!  It is bad enough that we have to worry about our children putting themselves in compromising positions, and now we have to worry that the worst fate awaits them from an ADULT who should be looking out for our children, not wallowing in his own inability to behave responsibly.  This man deserves nothing less than the maximum sentence for murder.  These children were completely innocent.  To allow this man to walk the streets is an atrocious travesty of justice.  He should not be released for a long time, long after he has had a chance to understand the breadth of his mistakes.  When will we draw the line that will stop senseless murder by one of the most afflicted members of our society today---the alcoholic.?  This is an example that only encourages our young people to find excuses, lawyers, whatever...to excuse behavior that is not only unacceptable but dangerous to others. I encourage you to seriously reconsider your decision to release this man from his sentence to repay for the deaths of several innocent teenage girls.
Thank you,
Danya Sears