August 21, 2005


Ms. Raven Kazen, Director

Victim Services Divison

8712 Shoal Creek Blvd., Ste 265

Box 13401

Austin, TX 78711 3401


Re:  Parole Review -- Rickey Carter

        ID 06227942

        TDCJ IF 01009150

         Parole review 7-5-05


Dear Ms. Kazen:

Please enter this letter into the parole file for Rickey Carter.  Please be advised that we

object to the possible parole of Mr. Carter at this time or at any time in the near future.   We do not know why he is being considered for parole so early in his 20 year sentence but we feel this is not the appropriate time for this consideration. Mr. Carterís actions resulted in the death of four beautiful young women on 12-19-98 and he also destroyed the lives of  four families - families who will never be able to enjoy another Christmas season for many years to come. The loss of Mandi McWhorter, Whitney Welch, Staci Lee and Lacey Osina left everyone in Brock, Texas in complete shock and in a lasting period of grief.   We know this because we also  lost a daughter to a drunk driver on December 7, 1994.  Our hearts will always have a large hole because someone chose to drink and drive and the Christmas season will never be the same for us again.

This is not the time to release Mr. Carter from prison.



Don & Patsy Lee
Dallas, TX 75231