To: Texas Parole Board of Pardon and Reviews

RE:  Parole Review

Offender: Ricky Carter

State ID: 06227942

TDCJ ID: 01009150

Placed in parole review on 07/05/058/17/05


Please do not allow Ricky Carter parole!! 

You see the bill boards that say “You Drink, You Drive, You lose.”  If Ricky Carter is paroled after just 5 short years for 4 young beautiful promising lives, then those bill boards are a big lie.  He will have given up only 5 years of his life and the 4 girls lost there lives PERMANENTLY!  If there was true justice in this case Ricky Carter would have died.  However, he received a 20 year sentence for all 4 girls, which is only 5 years a piece.  The families will have to live the rest of there lives without their children.  As a mother of a teenager I can not imagine out living my child especially due to the negligence of a man who chose to get behind the wheel after consuming twice the legal amount of alcohol.  It had been advertised for years not to drive and drink that drinking and driving kills people, that if you drink and drive that you will pay for you crimes. I beg you to deny Ricky Carters parole and make him spend his full sentence behind bars for the murders of Lacey, Mandi, Staci and Whitney.   If Ricky Carter is allowed to go free then the law officials might as well be warning people not to drink and drive just to hear themselves speak and that is not a clear message to send.   It should not matter what kind of person Ricky Carter was before he decided that he would drink and drive as his lawyer would have people believe he was a “law abiding citizen”.  He obviously did not abide by the law that December night when he was traveling 83 miles an hour on a 55 mph road, in the wrong lane, with TWICE the LEGAL amount of alcohol in his system.  He is guilty of breaking a few laws in addition to murder.  Please, please keep him in prison where he belongs.  Do not let him out where he can possibly cause someone else to die or other parents to have to live the rest of their lives grieving for the loss of their children.  His next slip up could cause the death of your child or loved one.  Ricky Carter must pay for what he did and 5 years is not enough!  He cut short 4 lives that could have possibly seen another 50 + years of living.  He destroyed 4 sets of parent's hopes and dreams.  In reality he took their lives also.  Please put yourself in the parents place and see that a little more justice is served.  Only 20 years is still a light sentence when you consider all the damage Ricky Carter has caused.


Thank you!


Ginger Weathermon