I am outraged that he is serving so little time for taking so many YOUNG lives. If this is what is happening, we really need to change our laws. The criminals have more rights that we do. I think this man should be kept in jail for the rest of his life for what he did.


    My son works for the Sheriff Office in our county. He has worked with Doug McWhorter in the "Every 15 Minute" program in our schools in Wise County. I have watched the videos in which Doug got up & talked to our high school kids about what choices they make about drinking. This man has changed his life to try to help other high school kids not make the same mistake about drinking & driving. As I watched this film, I cried because I can only imagine the pain he has gone through as a parent. So many lives have been changed because of this man. I beg you not to put him back out on the street. He will probably do the same thing again. Then some other family will go through what these DEAR families have gone through.


    Please I beg you not to release him. These families have suffered enough.


Helen Hamilton