8 August 2005


Board of Pardons and Paroles
Attention:  Victim Services

P.O. Box 13401

Austin, TX 78711


Re:  Rickey Carter, TDCJ I.D. #1009150


My wife and I are strenuously opposed to the granting of a parole to Rickey Carter, TDCJ I.D. #1009150.

Carter's total and complete irresponsibility and disregard for public safety led to the death of four young innocents.

The choice was Carter's and he made the wrong choice.  Had he chosen a fire-arm to take these four young lives, the results would have been the same.  Only the weapon of their destruction would have been different. 

You have the opportunity and the duty to send a message that Rickey Carter's type behavior will no longer be tolerated in our society a society which is governed and administered by fair and impartial citizens like yourselves.

Please vote against Rickey Carter's request and for justice to an outraged citizenry.

Respectfully submitted, 

Dr. & Mrs. Jerry J. Hosek