These three beautiful girls, three angels of Brock, were innocently in their freedom of going to town and returning home to be killed by an individual that had no considerations for them or anyone else. This pitiful case has been an example of what happened and what should have happened after the wreck that killed these children. This driver should pay the full detention period for an example of not paying attention to his condition and ability to drive. He has stopped the living of three wonderful girls in their young lives. These girls had their graduations in line, their college concept aligned and were on top of the world. The community loved them, their families loved them, and God loved them and this drunk driver broke many, many, many hearts with his neglect. He should not be considered for parole at this time. He claimed to be sorry, at his court appearance, but that was no relief for the damage he has done to these families, friends and the public that has kept up with this terrible case of ignoring his danger to anyone on the road in his condition. He doesn't deserve parole as the four girl's families and friends will have to feel and think of this awful happening for the rest of their lives. One of these angels was my oldest grandchild and my son's only child. We are very saddened deeply, constantly and will be till the day I die. The grandparents haven't a real long time to cry, but the parents, brothers and sisters will be sad many, many years. He needs time to remember and set an example to other drunk drivers that they consider other lives and be responsible enough to not get behind the wheel when they are in no condition to do so.                                  

Jimmy Lee