Subject: Ricky Carter needs to remain in jail 

Dear Raven Kazen, 

I am writing this letter in complete outrage that Ricky Carter is even being considered for parole. The fact that he has served less than 15 months confinement for each of the girls he murdered is a crime. I cannot believe that our justice system would even consider allowing a criminal such as him to be released after having served less than five years of his sentence. I feel that by releasing him, we are endangering the lives of our citizens on a daily basis. It is also a terrible message we are sending to future offenders by saying that you are not accountable for your actions. Not to mention the message we are sending the families of the victims. I wouild like to say that releasing him in less than five years is as much a crime as drunk driving. Our justice system is the bedrock of our society. I pray that we do not compromise what is right because of a slick lawyer or jail overcrowding. 


John Marcum