As a parent of four children, that are now adults, I remember how strict my husband and I were on them when it came to getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. To our knowledge, they all were responsible drivers. I am sure the parents of these beautiful girls were much the same; teaching their daughters responsible driving. Ricky Carter proved that what we teach our children doesn't ensure their safe return home, for it was he that chose to drive while drinking; a mature adult that took no responsibility or concern for the welfare of others when he got behind the wheel intoxicated. These girls are gone forever over the selfish act of a person that preferred liquor over life. I am appalled that Ricky Carter is so quickly up for parole, as it seems only months ago that this tragedy broke many hearts across our county. No, I didn't know any of these girls, but I know what it is to be a parent. I can't imagine a drunk driver stealing away the most precious gift God blesses us with: our babies. Keep Ricky Carter where he belongs, as justice will never be served, but don't slap the faces of the ones who've lost these girls by giving thought to what is right for Ricky. He lost his rights when he took the lives of these innocent young women.

Karen Steward
Weatherford Texas