Lacey Osina

Lacey Osina sought perfection in everything she attempted. She had already completed 7 hours of college and ranked 3rd in her graduating class. She was involved in sports, Beta and was an honor student. Her goal was to attend Baylor University, study law and someday become a Judge.



Lacey Osina was a senior honor student at Brock High School.  Throughout her life, she sought perfection in everything she attempted. By December 1998, she had already completed 7 hours of college with a 4.0 GPA.  She was a starter for the Brock Lady Eagles Varsity volleyball and basketball teams, a Varsity cheerleader, a member of the Beta Society, and a yearbook staff member. She played the leading role in the school district's 1998 Christmas program, "The Nutcracker." 

In junior high school, Lacey did a research project for her English class on "How to Become a Judge."  She announced to her class that she was some day going to be a member of the U.S. Supreme Court.  She never let go of that dream.  She planned to attend Baylor University upon graduation from high school and obtain a law degree.  

Lacey possessed so many talents.  Her friends said that on the outside she seemed so "blonde," but they always added that they knew she was so much more.  Earlier in the semester, she and Staci Lee were elected as Brock High School's 1998 co-Homecoming Queens.  They both knew they were candidates, but were not able to accept their crowns.  A ceremony in their honor was held at Brock High School the following semester.  

Lacey's strongest asset was her natural ability to care so much about others.  She was a devoted and loving daughter and "the best big sister in the world."  In fulfillment of promise made to her by her mother the day Lacey obtained her driver's license, Lacey was an organ and tissue donor.  Her heart and spirit live on eternally.  She is greatly missed. 


February 10, 1999

Dear Donor Family

There are no words yet created in this world that I use to express my sincere and deepest appreciation and love.  The unselfish gift of a human heart that you have given me is the greatest of my lifetime.

Yet this is a moment of sweet bitterness that I am experiencing with you in this time of grief and sorrow.  For I too realize that for me to have a new heart with which to live, someone had to die for me.  Only one other person in my lifetime had died that I may live; and I rank the previous owner of my new heart as second in rank to the good Lord.

For the past two years I have had a very serious heart condition, and as time went on, my life was deteriorating day by day.  I was hospitalized for two serious heart attacks--the emergency medical technicians had to revive my heart twice.  My heart was so damaged that most of the doctors did not expect me to survive any length of time.  By last Thanksgiving I could hardly speak; too sick to receive a heart pump; so I just put my life in God's hands praying for His mercy and strength.  For me those were the beginning of my final hours on earth.  On December 22nd I was notified by the hospital staff that a heart was located for me.  Too sick to talk, I became aware that someone had given their heart to me in death.  I cried tears of grief because I realized that someone had the love and affection for some unknown dying person, and willingly gave this sacred gift of life to someone totally unknown to them.  I felt your pain and grief, yet it was seasoned with gratitude and consolation.  I only wish I could share your grief and sorrow that must be in your heart, and let you know that I too grieve for that one who died that I may live.

My wife and our two boys will always and forever have you and your loved one in our prayers--every day.  I say this with guarded respect, that I sincerely hope some day to meet with your family, only when you feel the time is right, and only when you are ready for such a meeting.  I know already that you are a warm and beautiful family to have shown your deepest love in the decision you make for my benefit.

I am alive today, still recovering and doing well, thanks to your love and compassion.  I do want you all to realize how aware I am that your difficult decision has given me life again.  There is no doubt in my mind that God will bless and reward you all greatly.

I say "Thank You" with all my love, gratitude, affection and prayers.