The views and opinions expressed in this letter are not the views of the Weatherford Police Department or the City of Weatherford, and are solely the personal views and opinions of Larry Price.

Well,  It has taken me this long to be able to speak this freely about the tragic event that occurred on December 19 1998. Although I am a man that grew up around the old ďboys donít cry thingĒ,  I can tell you this now, if crying bothers you, Itís time for you to go!!.   My name is Larry Price and I am a Corporal for the Weatherford Police Department and until now I have only expressed my feelings in a song that I wrote for the unfair deaths of  four Brock Lady Eagles:  Mandi McWhorter, 15, Lacey Osina, 17, and Staci Lee 16 and Whitney Welch, 16

I often turn to God and my wife for help and support when I need to talk about the incident and let some of the pain, anger, and hurt out. Every time I speak about the girls It touches a part of my heart that Ricky Carter took away from me and can never give back.  I still sometimes weep and cry uncontrollably, this is why itís so hard for me to talk to people about this, This is why I decided to write about what I saw on December 19, 1998  and open my heart to you!!  I feel in order for you to see exactly what I saw that night, and how I truly feel and see exactly how this has effected me,   ďone of thousands if not more effected Ē, I will place this symbol  ©©©© when this consumes my heart and I have to stop and gather myself. 

I remember early on December 19,1998 I was a part of a full contact football game that the Police and Fire Department played for charity, It was very cold and lightly misting/raining.  I remember this because I was soooo sore after the game. I was trying to patrol around the City and at the same time I felt like a horse had just kicked me several times.  Well,   It didnít take long for me to quit whining about my physical pain when a call came out over the radio.

  ď Weatherford P. D. all units, Parker County is needing assistance at Ranger Hwy and Greenwood  Road with a Major Accident Involving a small  passenger car and a pick up truck, subjects are trapped and one vehicle is overturned respond code 3Ē.  I responded code 3 immediately, I was driving as fast as I safely could without putting anyone or myself in danger.  As I arrived, I was the second Officer to arrive, I remember looking at the first Officers face ( Sgt. Ronnie Corder ) and seeing him standing in front of this unbelievable horrible accident and seeing a look on his face that I had never seen before ©©©©.   He looked at me and said Larry Itís bad, Itís real bad and they are trapped ©©©©.

At that time I could here the Ambulance and Fire trucks getting near so I knew that the jaws of life were only seconds away to help .  As I went back into cop mode I knew I needed to stop any traffic on the west side of the accident scene to protect the victims and the emergency personnel as they assisted. As I walked by the small car I could only see three girls in this unbelievable mangled pile of steel.  The two on the right front and rear side, and the driver who was crushed into the windshield in-between the wreckage and the drivers seat. It was only later that I observed the fourth victim who was laying in the rear floorboard as I observed that the back seats had been basically ripped away from the metal backing.  At that time I could not recognize anyone. I did not know that a car with friends were following and had witnessed the wreck and called the families of the victimís. This is when I started noticing people that I know from my community rushing to the location and screaming with fear and terror screaming out ©©©©  Lacey, Staci, Whitney, and Mandiís names. At that time It all became terribly clear to me,  I know these girls and all of their parents. I then noticed the Pastor of the Brock Baptist Church ď Cary Killough Ē arrive. He asked what he could do to help? I noticed that he had rushed to the scene as everyone else had and was dressed in short sleeves and was visibly very cold. I gave him my police coat so he could try to stay warm and counsel the familyís as they arrived.

As The Family of Lacey Osina arrived I saw them walking from the opposite side of Pastor Killough and toward the accident scene.  I saw them ©©©© living out every parents nightmare. Mark Osina GOD bless his heart was trying sooo hard to be strong for Liz, but it was evident that his heart was being shattered in front of my eyes.©©©©   He continued to try and stay strong for Liz holding her as much as he could while trying to gather himself as he continued telling her to stay calm and to wait to see what we could tell them.  Liz ©©©© began to scream and beg me to tell her what was going on and Laceyís condition. Although I am not a EMT or a Doctor, I knew from my experience that Lacey was in extremely bad condition and I told the Osinaís that Lacey was Injured very badly but was still alive.  I  remember Liz screaming ď my baby, my baby tell me Larry is she ok, is she okĒ ©©©© as she collapsed to her knees and stood back up several times.  I continued to tell Lis and Mark to stay on the side of the road where they were standing, because the EMTís needed all of the room they could get which was to give Lacey the best chance for survival.  Liz continued to scream my baby, tell me Larry is she ok, is she ok, please god is she ok ©©©©. As I tried to console her by walking to the scene to check the progress of the Firemen cutting Lacey out of the wreckage with the Jaws of Life, I remember losing control and crying, not believing what I was seeing. I then tried to gain control and be strong for them and  go back and speak to the Osinaís, letting them know that she was almost in the Ambulance. 

As I repeated this several times I noticed something very different, very real. As I walked into the  accident scene which was approximately 30 ft. in a circle I remember stepping over a wire or fire hose and just as I did, it became very peaceful almost silent even though the loud equipment was being used, even a gas powered metal cutting saw . It was also very cold and foggy with very little visibility ( approx. 15-20 Ft.) that night. When I stepped into that area, it became very clear, bright and almost silent. I remember looking around to see if this was a dream due to the extreme difference in the sound and sight, but sadly it was still real.

I then looked up and notice a long time family friend David Lee and his wife Vicki ©©©© . They were standing approx. 10 ft. in front of the girls badly wrecked car and appeared to be in shock. The hood was pressed up and blocking the view into the vehicle where their daughter Staci laid dead ©©©© less than 10 ft. away from them. They noticed me walking towards them and patiently waited for me.  As I reached them I told them ď David, Vicki its badĒ David and Vicki asked me if Staci was ok/alive ©©©© , I knew that Staci didnít make it  ©©©©  but I didnít have the heart to tell them  ©©©©  , and I told them that they needed to go to the Hospital and wait there, that everyone was going to be transported there. Whether it was right or wrong I told them that so they did not see their precious baby  ©©©© pressed up against that windshield  ©©©© unrecognizable. I will live the rest of my life guessing and worrying if I did the right thing for them and if it was even my place to choose for them ©©©© if they should see Staci in that condition. Taking my advice David and Vicki quickly left the scene and headed toward the hospital .

I then walked back into the quiet/clear area and noticed that all of the emergency vehicles had the red and blue lights flashing and the spotlights pointed toward the wreckage to better their visibility, this is when I looked out West towards Ranger Hwy and realized that I could see an over cast fog approximately 10-15 feet above everyone and I could only see about 20-30 feet in front of me. As I looked up in the quiet area just above the small car, I could see as far as I could see and as bright as if it was near daylight. This Is when I saw four Eagle Wings turn to Angel Wings. This is where the peace and quiet came from, this is where I continued to walk to gather myself.

I have only shared this with a few God fearing believers due to the way anyone could make this sound. But now as an even stronger believer in God and the Word, I could care less if any non believer has any negative words or what they think about what I saw that night.   I since then have learned that one of the witnesses to the accident immediately ran up to the car to check on the girls and later made mention to her mother that she noticed the bright area and perfect visibility compared to the fog in the surrounding area that night, just as I did.

Approximately one week after the tragic deaths of these four innocent young women, something different happened to me. You see all of my family had been professional song writers and singers all of our lives. It had been approximately 1984 since I had really performed or composed any song. As you can see this was really effecting me, words just came to me and would not stop. I composed a song called Fly High. I felt compelled to give it to the family of the girls, but ©©©© I was soooo afraid it would bring their healing process to a stop or even set it back a little. Knowing David Lee personally I felt comfortable enough to ask him if he would take the song as a gift from my family to his . David immediately asked me to drive to his home and perform the song. My family drove to his home, I sang the song for him and Vicki. After we all regained our composure he immediately called the other familyís and requested that we meet at the Osinaís home.  We then met with the Osinaís , Leeís and McWhorterís and I sang the song for them.

Again we all had a chore to regain our composure.  Later I recorded Fly High at Blue Stem Studios in Weatherford Texas and they were gracious enough to donate the studio time and labor.   I then donated the song ( CD ) to all of the familyís to use and sell at the presentations that Doug McWhorter presents at hundreds of public schools every year and 100% of the proceeds go to the Scholarship fund in the names of the four girls.

Quickly after the wreck I was contacted by various members of the familyís, asking me questions about the accident in an attempt to find some type of peace and try to deal with the constant grief and pain they were going through. I remember often when I went to Brock Elementary to pick up my children and the Principal Liz Osina would ask  me into her office to ask me specific questions about the accident. She knew if she asked me I would tell her the truth. There were many times we talked and I could tell she was very hesitant about the questions because I felt she was afraid of what the answers might be. We always ended up crying uncontrollably and sometimes hugged each other goodbye as we spoke of our faith in God and the wonderful place that Lacey was, and trying to convince each other that everything was going to be ok.

I also remember times when Vicki Lee would see me in the Brock Cafť and ask me questions. Vicki sometimes called me on my cell phone and said she needed to ask me something about the accident but seemed concerned that she would upset me by asking, so she said she would call me back. Sometimes she called back and sometimes she didnít.

I also remember speaking to the McWhorterís while working out the details of the CD and looking at the video material that Doug was using for the school programs. I watched them trying sooo hard to stay sooo strong, but I could still see the pain and undescribable hurt every time that we spoke.

I remember seeing many of the parents and relatives here and there and noticed as they saw and recognized me ©©©© , seeing me seemed to remind them of that terrible night,  and they became teary eyed. They sometimes spoke and then sometimes acted as if they didnít see me and walked away  ©©©©. I canít tell you how that has torn my heart completely out of my chest  ©©©©  , and to this day it still is not the same when I see them, I feel like I am a constant negative reminder of the horrific night that each and everyone of them have gone through because of Ricky Carter, ©©©© and Iím afraid I will take that to the grave with me!!!    ©©©©

I will never understand how I could file two drug charges on a person at a different time in my career and a jury gave them two life sentences. Then a person can kill 4 innocent girls and only receive a maximum sentence of 20 years? You tell me and we will both know!!!!!!!!!

Well, Iím not here to lobby for or against any law nor point fingers at any one person for the 20 year sentence received by Carter but to let you see just how  one more heart was effected by Ricky Carterís actions.  Although many have forgiven Mr. Carter including myself, it does not excuse him nor mean that he should be set free as quickly as possible. Ricky Carter is still responsible for his actions and should serve the maximum amount of time set fourth by the jury of his peers.  

Whitney Welch, Lacey Osina, Mandi McWhorter and Staci Lee are still innocent  and they do not have the opportunity to ask for less than the death sentence that Ricky Carter imposed on them on December 19th 1998.  

  I only ask each of you this. If you have children, those precious loving creatures that have half of your blood running through their veins, try to picture them in the position of these four wonderful precious human beings that were unjustly taken from their families, and try, just try to see if you could only imagine the pain and hurt that only you would feel as a parent if your precious baby was unjustly taken from you, and you knew that you could never, never, never get them back, speak to them, hold them, be a part of their lives !!!!!      

Your consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated.



Larry Price