To: Raven Kazen, Director 

RE: RICKY CARTER Parole Review
TDCJ # 01009150
State # 06227942 

Please note that we are totally opposed to Ricky Carter being considered for parole after five years. Mr. Carter made a choice to drink and drive and the consequences of that irresponsible choice was that four young girls were killed while they were still teenagers. Four families had their futures destroyed. We remember when this horrible crime occurred and have spoken to some of the family quite a while ago at a MADD meeting. 

We are also the parents of a daughter (our only child) who was killed by an underage drunken driver. We know the heartache, grief, "taking one step at a time" to get back into life. There is no way that releasing Ricky Carter after five years would make any sense whatsoever. 

I have spent over 10 years in the courts in Collin County as a court monitor and victim advocate in DWI cases. And, unfortunately, we never run out of victims and defendants who have made bad choices. 

Please do not let Ricky Carter out on parole - it would be a total miscarriage of justice. 

Lillian and Max Stracener

Parents of Kara Stracener who was killed on May 23, 1993