Mandi Nichole McWhorter





Born:  August 31, 1983
Heaven Bound:  December 20, 1998

With her big, bright, hazel eyes she would light up any room.  Mandi was a girl that loved her life and loved all people.

Mandi was born at 7:41 p.m. on August 31, 1983 to her proud parent, Doug and Lezlie McWhorter.  Mandi was a beautiful baby and so alert from the moment the doctor placed her in our arms.  At a very early age, we knew she was going to make a difference in this world.

Mandi fought hard at everything she attempted and was so determined to do HER BEST.  Even on the morning of December 20th, she fought so hard to live for all who loved her.

She was very competitive starting at only 3 years of age.  Mandi won over 100 Beauty, Talent, and/or Modeling titles from age 3 years to 11 years old.  She learned to snow ski at age 3 and starred in her very first TV commercial at age 7 for a large auto dealership in Decatur, TX.

Mandi started Kindergarten at Decatur elementary and attended there through the 2nd grade.  We moved to Weatherford, TX. where she started third grade at Crockett Elementary.  She completed one year there until we finally moved to Brock where she finished out her school years.  Mandi was ranked 3rd in her class with an average of 97.1.

Mandi became a born again Christian in December of 1989 and stayed close to her Lord and Savior until that fateful day.  She was very active in the youth groups at an early age, because her Dad was a Youth Director in Decatur and Brock for many years.

As Mandi grew into a young teen, she continued her competitive nature through a variety of athletic sports in Brock, including, basketball, cheerleading, volleyball and tennis.  As a teenager she spent a lot of time with her friends.  She loved to laugh out loud and have a good time.  Mandi and Staci would always find interesting things for their friends to do no matter the time of day.  Mandi was always happy and friendly to everyone she met.  Below are just a few comments some of her friends said about her:

            “She was kind, sweet and always had a smile on her face.  She never said anything bad about anyone, and she was nice to me no matter how she felt.”

                                                                                                            Justin Harris


            “Mandi was always so cheerful.  It was like if it was raining then Mandi was the sunshine that came out and made everyone happy.”

                                                                                                            Shane Slemmons


            “My fondest memory of Mandi was her laugh.  She had the loudest, cutest laugh.  Any time she would laugh, other people would start laughing because her laugh got to everyone.  I also remember her trying to make people feel good. If you were down and in a depressed mood, she would try to make you laugh or at least get a smile out of you.”

            “Mandi was by far the most cheerful and uplifting person I have ever know.  She could turn anybody’s day from bad to good by simply showing her beautiful smile.  It was a great privilege to know her and be good friends with her.  I will cherish my memories of Mandi always.”

                                                                                                            James Gilbert


            “The fondest memory of Mandi is the way she would run dow n the hall laughing and grabbing onto everyone.  She could make anyone laugh, it didn’t matter what you were feeling.  She did anything and everything to make you laugh.”

                                                                                                            Justin McLaughlin


“My best memory of Mandi was when she would bounce up and down the hall in one of her cute little outfits with her perky attitude.”

                                                                                                            Melissa Cannon         


Knowing Mandi’s last days were as happy as they could be makes us very proud.  She loved being with friends and she died doing exactly what she loved best.

She will be forever missed by her parents, her brother Ryan, as well as grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and may friends.


Lezlie Michael