August 8, 2005
Raven Kazen
Director of Victim Services Division
Texas Parole Board of Pardon and Reviews
via facsimile number 512 452 0825
re: Parole Review
Offender:  Ricky Carter
State ID: 06227942
TDCJ ID: 01009150
Placed in parole review on 07/05/05
Dear Sir or Madam:
 Respectful request is made that you deny parole for Ricky Carter.  As you are aware shortly before Christmas in 1998, Mr. Carter chose to drink alcohol and then to drive a vehicle.  His unlawful behavior killed four young ladies.  Mr. Carter's actions devastated the families of the four young ladies and profoundly affected this entire community.   
 Today, the citizens of Parker County, Texas clearly remember Mr. Carter and the tragedy he caused.  I believe that many people in this community share my concern about this situation and would be outraged if he were paroled. 
 Justice requires that Mr. Carter serve his entire sentence of 20 years.  Leniency should not be considered or granted.
 Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you.


Martha N. Akers

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