Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles
Re: Parole Review
Offender: Ricky Carter
State ID:06227942
TDCJ ID : 1009150
Placed on Parole Review 7/5/05

Att: Raven Kazen, Director of Victims Services Division

I only know one of the fathers of these 4 young girls. He is Doug McWhorter. God sent him to us as first on the scene of our granddaughter and her fiancée's auto accident. Had he not been there and put his own grief aside, we would not have our precious granddaughter today. He was the beginning of our miracle. He even came to ICU where he lost his daughter, to tell us he was with our granddaughter while she lost consciousness. Any man who thinks of others like this should never have to face the fact that the man who murdered these little girls could be free after only 5 years. These families do not deserve this added stress. He was a grown man when he made the decision to drink and drive. He should be punished like one. Please do not let this man who has no concern for others put these families through this. And possibly other families if he chooses to make this choice again. It will be to late to say we made a mistake, after we have to bury more children.