August 4, 2005


Dear Mrs. Kazen:

This letter is being written in support of the attempt to STOP the possibility of parole for Rickey Carter, State ID 06227942, TDCJ ID 01009150.  If the Board of Pardons and Paroles have the opportunity to each stop and think what it would be like to have lost a child to a drunk driver, I presume that they would still not be able to imagine what our community and these families have been through due to the poor decision made by

Mr. Carter to get under the wheel of his truck that evening.  Our precious girls lives were taken and because of him the lives of thousands of people will never be as they once were. 

Our visits to the cemetery are all we have to look forward to.  We will never have the opportunity to share the things that God had in store for us with the gifts he gave us through his and our girls.  He intended for us to share high and college graduations, engagements, weddings, children and grandchildren but Rickey Carter and the devil himself robbed these families and friends of ever sharing that with these deceased girls. 

The destruction that has been brought about due to Mr. Carter is more than can be imagined by the human mind.  Families have split, finances have created stress that will never be overcome and lives of friends and community have not and will not ever forget Lacey, Staci, Mandi, and Whitney.

This message is not being written for revenge of this man, only to see that justice is done in this case and hopefully many to follow when wrong decisions are made in our court systems across the world.  Please take this opportunity to make this man serve his time for the decision that he made to drive drunk!

Thank you for your time and consideration in this fragile and very important matter.


Mike and Sheryl Brown