August 4, 2005

Texas Parole Board of Pardons and Reviews

RE: Parole Review

Offender: Ricky Carter

State ID: 06227942

TDCJ ID: 01009150

Placed in parole review on 07/05/05

Dear Madam:

I did not know the girls or their families but felt outraged at what this man did to them and their families and friends.  I vowed that when he came up for parole, I would protest any early release and I understand that is about to happen.

Please see to it that this man serves his full sentence.  It is a small part of his life to pay for the lives of the four girls he killed before they even had a chance to reach maturity.

Mothers against Drunk Driving have worked so hard to change our approach to drinking and driving.  Please do not disregard their hard work and the sorrow still suffered by so many.

Nickie Allen
Weatherford, Texas