I live in Caddo Mills, Texas and I followed these events when it
happened with a heavy heart.  I had lost my mother just a few short
months before this accident to heart failure.  I am sure you are asking what heart failure has to do with Ricky Carter and a drunken diving accident.  Well my point is this.

I can remember how shocked and numb I was at the sudden lose of my mother even at her age of 77 to a heart attack.  I do not think I can really comprehend as a parent myself (of two girls) the pain and horrible feeling these parents must be feeling to this very day at the lose of their children at such an early stage of their lives.

As for Rick Carter, My feeling is that he does not deserve to get out of jail. He should have to sit in their and think every day what his actions have brought on innocent people and their families. To me 20 years is not enough for four lives to be taken in a drunken stupor driving a car.  He should have gotten 20 years X times four without parole.

You got my vote "NO PAROLE"      

Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion, My prayers go with you all.

May God Bless   

Phil Bennett