Staci Lee


Staci Lee was a lovely, active young lady. She participated in three different sports. In addition to being very active in sports, she excelled academically. She was also an honor student. Her goal was to become an anchor journalist for a major television network.




Staci Nicole Lee

July 29,1982-December 19,1998


Staci was born in Arlington Memorial Hospital at 1:30 pm. July 29th, 1982 to the proud parents David And Vicki Lee. From the time Staci was born she had a smile on her face. She loved life and all it had to offer. Staci never hesitated to be a leader and that always showed with her cousin Nick Blake. Staci started school at Meadowbrook Elementary School and played sports at the YMCA. She had learned to read and understood math from her time at Temple Christian Preschool and Kindergarten. Staci worked hard and made it seem so effortlessly at all her school work and excelled at everything she did. Staci finished elementary at White Lake Hills Private School and played basketball and volleyball and softball. She loved School, sports and her family. Staci attended Meadowbrook Baptist Church and learned about the Lord there. After moving to Brock Texas in 1995 she joined the Brock Baptist Church. Staci accepted the Lord into her life there and followed with Baptism. Staciís first friend in Brock was Whitney Bell. They spent lots of time working at the dairy or whatever young girls do on sleepovers. The first year in Brock School Staci and her boyfriend Casey David were named as class favorite. She loved the teachers and staff at Brock and was involved in all the sports and activities at school and church. One time at an annual bluegrass rally at the community center in Brock, Staci and her friends started cutting up and dancing and just having fun. The crowd started really throwing the band their spare change as was customary and one of the ladies started to complain about how much fun the girls and the crowd was having and asked one of the elder ladies to stop them but she responded let em have some fun. Staci was never shy or reserved about any thing. She would tell you just how she felt about something even if it didnít agree to your outlook. She traveled from the East Coast to the West Coast numerous times. Staci lived all life had to offer except time. Staci was a beautiful person inside and out. Staci always gave 110 percent even till the day she died. I will miss her always and look forward to the day I see Jesus and Staci again.

Staciís Dad,

David Lee