August 9, 2005 

TO: Texas Parole Board of Pardon and Reviews 

Attention: Raven Kazen, Director of Victim Services Division 

RE: Parole Review Offender: Ricky Carter 

State ID: 06227942 

TDCJ ID:01009150 

Placed in parole review on 07/05/05 

I would like for you to imagine that it were your son or daughter, would you go further with the parole? I believe in giving someone a second chance because after all we are not perfect. Although I do not believe that someone who has taken life away should be entitled to a second chance. If he is such a good person how could he have even considered getting in a car and driving drunk? His ignorance took away 4 beautiful girls with bright futures. They will never be able to reach their overall goals. Please help the families by keeping Mr. Carter behind bars thru his entire sentence. 5 years is not enough hell even 20 is not enough. The 20 years is actually showing that each Angel was worth 5 years and now allowing him out is stating 1.25 years each. I pray to god that I never have to go thru such a tragic loss because I too have young children. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, IF NOT FOR SOCIETY BUT FOR THE FAMILY'S. LET MR. CARTER PAY HIS TIME HE WAS GIVEN 20 YEARS NO MORE NO LESS. 

With best regards & respect, 

Sylvia G Gonzalez 

Cedar Hill, TX