Date: 2005/08/09 

Subject: Thoughts to the Parole Board 

Although we have all made mistakes in our lives, many of which have not been as devastating as the lives that were lost that night, we all have to own up to our mistakes and learn from them. This is a crime that could happen to anyone and it does these girls no justice if we were to let this man walk away from his mistake. Whether it was a one time mistake or something that added to a list of crimes, it is not justifiable to release this man and allow his to walk away from the mistake he chose to make. These girls didn't choose to have their lives taken; therefore it should not be an option for a board to choose for this man to walk free while these families have to be without their loved ones. Part of life is addressing the mistakes we have made and also dealing with the consequences of our actions. Good behavior is easily achieved with no life-affecting choices to choose from from the outside world. This man does not deserve merit for his behavior. Bottom line, this man CHOSE to drink and drive therefore he should bear the responsibility of owning up to his actions and serve his sentence as the original decision was made.

Tabitha Stout