To:  Raven Kazen
      Director of Victim Services Division
      Texas Parole Board of Pardon and Reviews

Ref: Parole Review
      State ID 06227942
      TDCJ ID 01009150
      Placed in Parole review 7-5-05

It is insane to release someone who has killed four people back into our
society.  Ricky Carter is a murderer.  What he did is no different than if
he had taken a weapon and killed four people. His weapon of choice - it was
a choice- was alcohol and a high speed truck. I've spent a lot of time in my
Criminal Justice career observing the devastation that drunk drivers do to
families and friends and the only solution when death is caused by alcohol
is long term incarceration.  I believe Mr. Carter's sentence should have
been four consecutive twenty year sentences rather than the one he received.
I strongly object to Mr. Carter's consideration for parole. Please stand up
for the victims and their families and do not release Mr. Carter until he
has served the maximum allowed by law.


Timothy Poston
Weatherford, TX 76086