Dear Ms. Kazen:
I am writing to oppose the upcoming prospect of parole for Ricky Carter, who was sentenced in 1999 for intoxication manslaughter in Parker County. Within the crime he committed, four girls were killed by the reckless decision Carter made that night. As a longtime Parker County resident, I followed the case closely and have recently become aware that Carter has reached the point in time where he is being reviewed for parole. It is my hope that the Parole board would consider that an act as horrendous as this is very much deserving of Carter having to serve his full sentence. The four! girls killed by Carter's drunk driving were all gifted with extraordinary abilities to achieve far reaching goals and to become leaders that would have a tremendous impact on our country and around the world. Such possibilities were destroyed by a mindless act by Ricky Carter that changed everything for the families, friends and other loved ones of these four teenage girls. Because of Carter's crime, the girls' families and friends will not get to see them go far in life, raise families and take active roles in their communities over the years. I ask that the parole board would deny Carter parole. Such a decision would assure that Carter is continuously being given the justice he deserves for his reckless act. And such a decision would tremendously compensate the families of these girls in such a way that money or words could not. Thank you for your time, and I ask ! that you would thoroughly consider the families of the girls, the girls' community members and their other supporters in your decision.
Trey Pope
Arlington, Texas