Attention: Raven Kazen, Director

Victim Services Division
TO: Texas Parole Board of Pardon and Reviews
RE: Parole Review
Offender: Ricky Carter
State ID: 06227942

TDCJ ID:01009150

Placed in parole review on 07/05/05       


I am writing this letter to urge you to keep Ricky Carter behind bars.  The fact that he is already up for parole baffles me.  The 20 years he should be serving are far too trivial; the 5 years the parole board is now considering are ridiculous.  What kind of message would that not only send him, but others who might get behind the wheel drunk?  What kind of message would that send the families of these four girls?

On December 21, 1998 I was on my second day in the hospital with the Osina family.  Ricky Carter had already claimed the lives of 3 of the beautiful girls.  I have one particular image from that time I will never forget. As I approached Lacey’s hospital room, I could see Mark standing inside.  I looked through the doorway and saw Emily and Liz lying in the hospital bed beside Lacey.  The pain they were going through was unfathomable to me.  I couldn’t stop crying then and I can’t stop today when I picture them.  That December 21st was my second wedding anniversary.  Now every year on the 21st I thank God for all of the blessings in my life, my wife, my children and all of the wonderful experiences I have had.  All the experiences Lacey, Mandi, Stacey, and Whitney should be having.  Graduating from high school, going to college, their fathers walking them down the isle, waiting in the delivery room for their own children to be born. I am positive they would all have been awesome wives and mothers.  They will never get that chance and their families will never be able to share in those blessings with them.  Ricky Carter had that chance and he chose to get behind the wheel drunk.  He made that decision and killed four girls, and shattered the lives of four families.  You have the opportunity to make sure no more of an injustice is done to these families, and to insure that Ricky Carter does not get behind the wheel to destroy more lives. 


Thank you for your time,

Trey McKinley