As a former sheriffs deputy in Idaho I 'm glad to see that you not as a direct victim you are standing up for those that are. We are and can all become victims of the courts. What I mean by this is that he could get out and kill some one else. Example look at what happen in ID with the rapist from MN, ND. another family feel victim to not just that person but to the courts. You have my full support in trying to keep a killer of the streets, a "drunk". It's time that "We The People" started letting our voices be heard and start taking a stand. This has always been an item with me. I had an experience as a deputy, paramedic in 1983 I held a 9month old baby girl in my arms and watched her die because of the internal injuries she had received from a drunk driver. All of the training as Trauma Medic and as an ERT I couldn't help save her. Thanks for the great web site you and the families have my support and the support of my wife to keep this animal off the streets. 

Troy J Anderson