August 19, 2005


Ms. Raven Kazen, Director
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Victims Services Division
P. O. Box 13981-3401
Austin, Texas 78711-3401
RE: Ricky Carter Possible Parole


Dear Ms. Kazen:

            In 1998, Ricky Carter drove drunk and killed Lacey Osina, Staci Lee, Whitney Welch and Mandi McWhorter, all bright young ladies with a future ahead of them. I understand that this individual is up for possible parole of a twenty year sentence for this crime.  Please do NOT release or parole Ricky Carter as this crime is far to horrific for him to serve just a few years on.   By the grace of God, I could have been this individual many years ago until back in 1984 when I chose to let go of my alcohol addiction and obtain the help I sorely needed.  Thank God, my addiction was confined to numerous DWI’s and minor incidents for I do not know that I could survive with the knowledge of something as heinous as this criminal act.  While I have compassion upon Mr. Carter, it is equally important for him to be held accountable for his actions on that awful night when he snuffed out the lives of these young ladies. He does not appear to reflect remorse for this action nor is there any previous indication that Mr. Carter has sought out a resolution for his addiction.

            Again, please keep Ricky Carter in jail as that is where he belongs for this crime against society and against the families of these fine young ladies mowed down in the prime of their lives, all now with an unfulfilled future!



William J. LaValle

Recovering Alcoholic

Flower Mound, Texas